Chaos planning

published24 days ago
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How do you keep calm in a world full of chaos?

"Everything has its place" sums up my approach to chaos planning.

Here's my current set up:

A momentum planner. All my planning goes in here. This is where I keep track of my short-term and long-term goals. It's an essential tool for capturing all the last-minute stuff that keeps messing with my day.

Workflowy. This is where I pour all my thoughts, notes, and research. The searchable database helps me discover new insights about myself and my work. A lot of my writing gets done in Workflowy, including this newsletter.

That's it.

Is it perfect? No, not at all.

I've had this system for about a year. But it kept me sane amid the chaos. It's working because everything has its place. And if it doesn't, I make space for it.

Work on improving your systems. Anything that compounds is worth obsessing over. See what works, scrap the rest.

Your personal systems pay off in the long term. Don’t ignore them. Instead, invest time and effort to make them work better for you.

I’m reading How to take smarter notes to improve my technique. This skill compounds, meaning it's useful in many areas. For example, solid note-taking enhances my learning, while strengthening my writing.

How do you manage overwhelm? Got questions about my set up or something else? Hit reply and let me know.

Have a great week!


PS. I’m experimenting with a Personal Kanban Board. It shows my weekly priorities on post-it notes. I like this tactile approach to planning. It’s fun AND effective. More on that later :)

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