What's your secret edge?

publishedabout 1 month ago
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We often associate an edge with a skill. But that's only what we see on the surface. If we dig deeper, we learn why this person has an edge. And it doesn't have to be the skills they're known for.

Let's look at a few examples.

One of my clients is brilliant at her job. But her secret edge is her relationship-building skills. She's been with the company for less than a year and has already made valuable alliances.

A former classmate's true edge was his patience and calm. He went to work in crisis communication, which was a good fit for him.

My first mentor was my 7th grade science teacher, Mrs. Elmfors. She received her PhD from Harvard. But her true edge was her ability to instil confidence in her students.

Your secret edge doesn't show up on your LinkedIn profile. It's a personal trait that allows you to grow.

Humility. Love of learning. Patience. Ability to connect with others. These are your signature strengths. Do you know yours?

Discover your secret edge here.

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